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I legitimately think I'm Batman- therefore I am Batman.

Damon | Male | 17 | Brisbane | Australia | Southern Hemisphere | Earth | Milky Way | yata yata yata

I love Kingdom Hearts more than any other game series, Birth by Sleep has to be my favourite, followed by II then the original, Batman, Final Fantasy. I suck at the games, so I just watch the cutscenes because they all have amazing stories, especially VII and XIII. I love classic Disney movies, ie Beauty and the Beast, the Nightmare Before Christmas, etc. Basically, all the good ones, not the Disney Channel Original Movies. I love anime, favourite is probably Naruto. Fullmetal Alchemist, Durarara!! Digimon Adventures + 02, classic Pokemon games, remakes usually suck, but Soul Silver is amazing. I have 3 RP blogs. I love to draw pictures of characters, I have all these great ideas in my head for stories but none make it to paper.

Kingdom Hearts, 30 Day Challenge

Day 01 - Favourite Kingdom Hearts game?

Kingdom Hearts II (2005), PS2